Explore the Different Types of Porcelain Veneers Available

Veneers are one of the most popular treatments for changing the entire look of your smile. They are exceedingly efficient- anyone looking for a lasting cosmetic solution will love them. Veneers are commonly thought of as a single treatment while in fact, there is a wide range of veneers available. They range from high stable solutions like porcelain veneers to the short-term solutions like snap-on veneers. The different types of veneers available are:

Composite veneers

It is the most sought-after options. They are applied and put on during your appointment with the dentist. They are mainly used to fix minor cosmetic issues like chipped or cracked teeth. They can also be helpful when you have a bent tooth or to fill the small gaps between front teeth. They are way cheaper than porcelain veneers and have a minimal treatment period. Treating a composite veneer can take one visit to the dentist. The shortcoming of this type of veneers is that they are not resistant to stains or color. Habitual polishing will keep them in perfect shape and you still have to maintain daily oral hygiene to ensure their durability.


They are the most costly option but they give you the best alluring smile one can have and that’s what makes them worth the cost. Treatment normally involves numerous dental visits with initial preparation being done by the dentist and creation of the veneers taking place in a dental lab. They are custom-made for each and every tooth. They are resistant to staining and are the ideal solution to more severe discoloration, chips or cracks and are long-lasting compared to other veneers.

Its disadvantages are that they are very expensive compared to other veneers. They require a lot of preliminary work and require drilling and shaping of your normal teeth beneath. Repairs or replacement of broken veneers can also be expensive and time-wasting.

Instant veneers

There is a link between porcelain and composite veneers. They involve a dentist applying ready-made veneers rather than customized ones to the teeth. There are many styles and shapes available depending on your most preferred look for your teeth, and your dentist will match them to your original teeth. The treatment is cost-friendlier than porcelain veneers as the laboratory charges are dropped and the process is easily completed in one sitting. Unlike other composites, readily made veneers mean your dentist won’t be able to create your own customized version. The downside to instant veneers is that though they are stain-resistant, you won’t get the durable results you get with porcelain.

Removable Veneers

There is the option of getting the removal veneers as well. They are a fairly new technology and are so convenient that they are called the ‘snap-on-smile’. You literally snap them on and you can be on your way. They are also quite cheap.

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